Seminar Programme

8th Seminar on Ancient Greek and Roman Music

"Music in Aristotle Politics Book VIII"

3-10 July 2011, Corfu

Sunday July 3, Ionian Academy 10.00: Introduction to Greek music and musicology (Andrew Barker)

Sunday July 3 to Friday July 8, Ionian Academy 18.00: translation classes for Greek students (Petros Andriotis and Andromache Batziou)

Monday July 4 to Saturday July 9, Mon Repos 10.00: seminars on Aristotle, Politics Book 8 (July 4-5 Eleonora Rocconi, 6-7 Andrew Barker, 8-9 Egert Pöhlmann)

Monday July 4 to Saturday July 9, Ionian Academy 19.00: lectures. The speakers and topics are as follows (provisionally in this order, but it may change).

Monday July 4: Massimo Raffa, University of Calabria, ‘Porphyry on voice and perception’

Tuesday July 5: Christos Terzis, University of Athens, Α discussion of Dionysius’ Technē mousikēs

Wednesday July 6: Tosca Lynch, University of St Andrews, ‘A sophist “in disguise”: a reconstruction of Damon of Oa and his role in Plato’s dialogues’

Thursday July 7: Andomache Batziou, Ionian University, ‘Τhe art of aulos as the disguise of sophistry. Protagoras 316e : An interpretation’

Friday July 8: Martin Carle, Humboldt University, Berlin, ‘Harmony to the power of melody: epistemology and computation in Aristoxenian theory’

Saturday July 9: Stelios Psaroudakis, University of Athens, ‘How complex can a complex rhythm be?’

and Stefan Hagel, University of Vienna, ‘From metre to rhythm: searching for traces of a path’