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Travel Advice

The trip to Corfu:
Access to the island of Corfu is possible either by air or by sea.

Travelling by air:
The quickest way to reach Corfu is by air. Nowadays there are domestic flights from Athens, Thessaloniki, Zakynthos, Kefalonia and Lefkada - Aktion. The duration of the flight from Athens is about 50 minutes. The airport of Corfu, "Ioannis Kapodistrias", is located approximately 2 km from the city center and is easily accessed by taxi.

Travelling by boat:
Ferries leaving Patras, pass by Corfu before reaching Italy. From Italy (usually Brindisi) the same boats stop at Corfu before heading for Patras. The town of Corfu and Igoumenitsa are linked by ferry service. In this line several open- or closed-type ferries are routed daily, every one hour and a half. The duration of the trip varies from one hour and a half for closed-type boats, to two hours for open- type ones.

Useful Numbers:
Ferry Schedules (Port Authority of Corfu): 26613-65200

Travelling by car:
By car, the trip to Igoumenitsa from Athens can be done either through Patras, or via the road connecting Lamia - Domokos - Trikala - Ioannina.
From Thessaloniki, the access is faster by Egnatia Odos. Another option is KTEL bus service, connecting Corfu with Athens and Thessaloniki.

Useful Numbers:
  • Corfu Bus Service: 26610-30627, 39985
  • Athens Bus Service: 210-5129443
  • Thessaloniki Bus Service: 2310-528600

Transportation in Corfu:
On Corfu you will find plenty of taxis and a dense network of urban (blue) and intercity (green) buses. You can also rent a car since Corfu is a large island with a dense road network.
Within the city, pedestrian transportation is encouraged, as the distances are small and trails inside the old city allow strolling in one of the most important monuments of UNESCO.

Useful Numbers:
  • Taxi Call Centre: 26610-33811
  • Corfu City Bus Station: 26613-31595

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