Young Scholars' Forum

In the Young Scholars' Forum, we will host short presentations from Young scholars.

Please contact us for details:

Confirmed Presenters:

- Nikos Koutras
Title: Open Access repositories
CV: Nikos Koutras is a political sciences graduate, a PhD candidate at the Ionian University and completes his Master's degree in the Archive and Library Science Department, Ionian University.

  pdf  Koutras Nikos full paper
Update: August 2010 :: Size: 189.06 KB :: Type: PDF document

- Athanasios Papagiannis
Title: Peer to Peer Piracy and Sociology Theories: An evolution phenomenon
CV: Education: 1999:Arsakeio Lykeio school graduate - 2009:Kapodistrian University Law School graduate - Trainee Lawyer in Athens Bar Association since 21/4/2009 - Kapodistrian University Post Graduate Law Sociology student
Foreign Languages: English,German
Papers: 2001 :Greek Election System - 2009: Cultural Conflicts and the Freedom of Religion - Post Graduate : 2010 :Internet Piracy
Occupation: Practicing law in Commercial Bank of Greece,Legal Division

  pdf  Papagiannis Athanasios full paper
Update: June 2010 :: Size: 316.42 KB :: Type: PDF document

- Maria Spyrou
Title: Freedom of art as freedom of expression in modern times (the presentation will be in Greek)

  pdf  Spyrou Maria full paper (EN)
Update: July 2010 :: Size: 131.42 KB :: Type: PDF document

  pdf  Spyrou Maria full paper (GR)
Update: June 2010 :: Size: 296.18 KB :: Type: PDF document

- Christos Zerbionis
Title: Current theory of philosophy of information

- Anna Konsolaki
Title: Equality and affirmative action

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