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Arts and Ethics

Arts and Ethics session chairs: Nikos Kanellopoulos & Andreas Giannakoulopoulos

A special session of the 5th ICIL 2012 will be dedicated to Arts and Ethics. This session will host presentations from speakers specializing in arts and new technologies, given that the Department of Audio and Visual Arts of the Ionian University emphasizes on the convergence of art and technology and examines it under a multidimensional spectrum.

The ethical use of intellectual products is a matter of major concern in the internet era, where access is easy and control is doubtful. Controversial and sensitive issues such as copyright legislation, intellectual monopolies, plagiarism and copyright violation, copyright extensions, software and other Web related patents, will be addressed during this special session.

Although often disregarded, the role of the arts -in all their forms and manifestations- is fundamental in a world of ICT prevalence. A discussion concerning the place of the artist in the technological environment of the 21st century and the ethical and legal issues deriving from the dissemination of his/her work to the public could lead to long due decisions, concerning the new media ethics landscape.

The call for papers for ICIL 2012 is valid also for papers on arts and ethics, as a special distinct session connected to the other main themes of ICIL.

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