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The Greek Jurists’ Union e-themis is a modern Union of lawyers from Athens and other cities of Greece. Our purpose is to contribute in the scientific debate in our country, especially on legal issues pertaining to the world of technology, personal data and communications. In this context, we have taken some noteworthy initiatives, by organizing scientific events and conferences, which were widely accepted by the legal community of our country. Οur website is


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General Chairs of ICIL 2012: Maria Bottis & Nikos Kanellopoulos
Arts and Ethics session chairs: Nikos Kanellopoulos & Andreas Giannakoulopoulos
Libraries and Intellectual Capital Chair: Petros Kostagiolas
Women in Academia session chairs: Tesi Sali, Rector, Ionian University & Maria Bottis
Young Scholars' Forum Chair: Christina Banou

ICIL series founder: Maria Bottis

Theodore C. Buchelos, Interpreter of the 5th ICIL 2012 - CV

Theodore C. Buchelos, Interpreter of the 5th ICIL 2012

Theo Buchelos holds a degree in Interpreting from the Ionian University Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting with Greek, English and French as active languages (interpreting from and into these languages). He ranked 6th at the DFLTI admission examinations in 1992 and studied Translation with Greek, English and French as his working languages and in 1996 he was admitted –after successfully passing the pertinent induction exams- to the Department’s Interpreting Section whence he graduated in 1998. At that time he received a scholarship to attend the DFLTI Postgraduate Studies Programme which he completed in 2001 with a dissertation on the Theory and Teaching of Interpreting. In July 200 he was offered (and he accepted) a place as a PhD student at the Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh in the field of Theory of Interpreting. He has taught “Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting from English into Greek” (2001-2005) and “Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting from Greek into English” (2001-2011) at the Ionian University DFLTI and is currently teaching at the Masters 2 Programme on Conference Interpreting at the Strasbourg University, in collaboration with the City Unity College of Seattle in Athens.

He also speaks fluently German, Spanish and Italian and has been working as freelance translator and interpreter since 1994. He has attended the DFLTI seminar entitled “French Legal Language and Translation” (1996), the University of Athens Conference on “Greek Language and Terminology” (1999) and the DFLTI Conference on “Issues of Specialised Translation and Terminology” (2000).

He has published the following translations:
- “How the United States Approaches the Problem of Stolen Property”, International Rotary Club, Chapter of Corfu (1996);
- “Corfu: Divine beauty with a human face”, A presentation of the Island of Corfu, published by the Corfu Association of Hotel Owners (1997);
- “From pre-trial detention to parole” (De la détention avant jugement à la libération conditionnelle), Proceedings of the 1st Meeting on “Prison Overcrowding in Europe” (1997);
- “Greece and Bulgaria at the Crossroads of Two Centuries: From the Experiences of Past to the Challenges of Future”, by Kyriakos Kentrotis published in the Journal of Modern Hellenism (1998); - “The Strychnine Lady”, Translation of the psychodrama by Yiannis Christou. a) Performed at the Ionian Academy under the auspices of the Department of Music Studies, Ionian University, Corfu, 8 October 2000; b) Performed at The Athens Concert Hall, Athens, 12 November 2000;
- “Modern Geopolitics: Founding and Methodological Definition”, by I. Th. Mazis (in press);
- “Turkey, Central Asia and the Caucasus: Ten years after independence”, by Shireen Hunter for the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy (ELIAMEP) (in press).

Theo Buchelos has worked as interpreter during the European Union Summit Meeting (1994); for the Spanish Ambassador in Greece (since 1998); for the Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs (1999); for the Region of Ionian Islands (since 1998); the Municipality of Corfu (since 1999); The French Ambassador in Greece (2003) and in a great number of conferences on a vast range of diverse subjects. In the summer of 1998 he coordinated the DFLTI Greek Language and Culture Summer School, in 2000-2001 he was awarded a 12-month grant in the framework of the Interreg II Programme and from 2000 until 2002 he taught “English Language and Music Terminology” at the Department of Music Studies, Ionian University.

He is specialised in Legal and Medical Interpreting, has been working for many years for the Hellenic Cardiological Society and as editor for the Forum of Clinical Oncology.

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