In memory of Evi Laskari


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Evi Laskari

Laskari Evi portrait By George Pennas, Corfiot painter

ICIL 2012 conference is dedicated to the memory of Evi Laskari, a philologist, MSc. and head librarian of the Public Library of Corfu until her death, in 2012.

Selected parts of the ICIL 2012 proceedings along with many texts on her memory by her friends have been published as her Honorary Volume, by the Public Library of Corfu with the Ionian University and INSEIT with the kind sponsoring from the Bodossaki Foundation.

Documents for Evi Laskari
(Published: 02/05/2013)


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Laskari Evi portrait By George Pennas, Corfiot painter

The portrait of Evi Laskari is the work of the Corfiot painter George Penas, who kindly offered to complete it for us.

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