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Libraries’ Intellectual Capital

Libraries and Intellectual Capital Chair: Petros Kostagiolas

Call for papers-Special ICIL session

Visualizing library and information services assets: from intellectual property to intellectual capital

Session Rationale

Economies and societies bring intellectual capital assets at the centre of changes mainly arising from innovative information, communication technologies and the internet. Indeed, intellectual capital has become the buzzword of a knowledge based economy and is the ultimate source of competitive advantage for organizations and enterprises. The paradox is that in many cases intellectual capital resources that seem to be essential for the knowledge economy are often treated as the “Cinderella” of resources, holding an unclear role. Although libraries have changed sharply over the past decades, it is now time for library professionals to face “intellectual capital management” systematically and consciously.

Intellectual capital resources should be managed so as to be identified and categorized, their quality and quantity should be measured throughout their entire lifecycle and they should be financially valuated. The stakes are high for librarians and information scientists, who need to prove their value within harsh economic circumstances, faced by most societies around the world. Intellectual capital-based library management is gradually becoming a crucial issue fostering innovation that genuinely improves library operations, services and relations. On the other hand, guidance is required as regards the utilization of library intellectual capital resources understanding its relations and patterns etc. In this context, a systematic approach to studying library intellectual capital is definitely required. The development of intellectual capital resources should be viewed as a key aspect of every library’s strategy.

This session aims to a number of important and interrelated issues as regards library and information services intellectual capital management:
  • The significance of intellectual capital within the dynamics of the knowledge economy.
  • A historical perspective on intellectual capital utilization in libraries and information services.
  • Metrics and measurement methods methodologically linking the availability of intangibles in terms of their quality and quantity with the library’s ability to reach long term aims.
  • Financial valuation and reporting methods for library intellectual resources.
  • Methods and techniques for assessing life characteristics and conducting parametric or nonparametric life analysis modelling for intellectual capital resources in libraries.

Please Contact:
Dr. P.A. Kostagiolas
Lecturer – Ionian University
Dep. of Archive and Library Science
Tel. +30 26621087402 & + 30 6944456336

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