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The Greek Jurists’ Union e-themis is a modern Union of lawyers from Athens and other cities of Greece. Our purpose is to contribute in the scientific debate in our country, especially on legal issues pertaining to the world of technology, personal data and communications. In this context, we have taken some noteworthy initiatives, by organizing scientific events and conferences, which were widely accepted by the legal community of our country. Οur website is



Ionian Academy - 1, Kapodistriou str.
The conference will take place in the old (restored) Venetian arsenali, known as "Ionian Academy" that is placed in one of the most picturesque areas of Corfu.

The Ionian Academy was the first Greek University of modern times that was in operation in Corfu for forty years, from 1824 to 1864, that is up to the Union of the Ionian Islands with the Greek State.

Read more about the University history.

The Reading Society of Corfu was founded in 1836 and its first President was Petros Vrailas-Armenis, a professor of the Ionian Academy. It has got a historic library (7.000 volumes) with rare manuscripts, engravings, photographs, old documents, old maps and paintings, as well as a general library (50.000 volumes), which also serves as a reading room.
It is situated at Mouragia region, Kapodistriou street, next to the Kapodistrias Palace. (Source:

Transportation to Corfu

By plane: Aegean Airlines, Olympic Airlines
By ferry boat from Igoumenitsa in 1 hour and 45 minutes
By boat from Patras in 6-7 hours

Useful phone numbers

Kapodistrias airport: 26610 89600
Aegean Airlines: 801-11-20000, 2109988300, 26610 27008
Olympic Airlines: 26610 22963, 210 9666666
Port authority (Corfu): 26610 32655
Port authority (Igoumenitsa): 26650 22235, (Patras): 2610 341002
Local buses: 26610 31595
Intercity buses: 2661039985 (Corfu) and 2105125954, 2105129443, 2105124914 (Athens)
Taxi: 26610 33811
Marina: 26610 91475, 26610 91376
Greek National Tourism Organisation: 26610 37638
Police: 2661039509, 30188
Tourist police: 26610 30265
Hospital: 26610 45811-5

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